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He believes the organism may cause numerous neurological diseases, including ALS. Please do not expect your physician or other health care provider to know about what is covered here.

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You will not even find most of this information on Dr. Fry's lab's website. Understand that it will be some time before some of the remaining studies that test "causation" are completed and this information is more widely known and used. Fry: Okay. So, I first got into this area -- well, let me backtrack a little bit and give you my background. I have a bachelors degree in Microbiology, a masters degree in Helminth se vindecă cu portocale Biology, then I went to medical school, then I did a transition internship, then Helminth se vindecă cu portocale did two years of surgical pathology, and ended up in general practice.

And while I was in general practice, I got intrigued by those patients who were perfectly healthy, and then would go bacterii hranire a trip, or something would happen, and they would develop a flu-like illness, and they would develop what we now call chronic fatigue syndrome. Then the real breakthrough was about seventeen or eighteen years ago when I had one of my patients who had fibromyalgia, which is very similar to chronic fatigue syndrome -- in many ways I feel like they are the same disease, or the same disease entity.

It talked about Thomas McPherson Brown, the rheumatologist, who was one of the chief rheumatologists at Washington University. He was using antibiotics -- primarily tetracyclines -- to treat autoimmune disease. I mean I put teenagers on minocycline for acne. And I started her on minocycline, and she got amazingly better on a course minocycline. Her fibro got better, her lupus got better, and so I started to pursue that, and with more and more patients I started to use tetracyclines helminth se vindecă cu portocale therapy.

And then finally I started -- you know, there was a network of papillomavirus les symptomes who worked with Dr.

And I started getting patients with helminth se vindecă cu portocale, and rheumatoid arthritis, and one thing led to another, and I would start doing patients with MS [multiple sclerosis]. And then about eleven years ago I was impressed by an article out of Italy on chronic fatigue syndrome, and I just borrowed money, bought a nice research grade microscope, and started developing some stains.

And in about six months I developed a stain that was picking up bacteria attached to red blood cells. I thought it was bacteria at the time, turns out it was.

Anyway, one thing led to another, and it turns out that what we were looking at was actually a variety of different bacteria attached to red blood cells. Now the old coin name would be bartonella, or hemobartonella, and it turns out on a molecular level it was a lot of different kinds of bacteria.

And at first I thought it was babesiosis, and over the years, and a lot of money, and a lot helminth se vindecă cu portocale time, turns out it was actually a malaria-like organism with an extremely complex lifecycle that forms biofilm communities in the blood, it is a blood-loving parasite. You know, similar to malaria, similar to babesiosis, even more complex genetically, sort of in between a helminth [parasitic worm] and a protozoan.

And it hides itself from the immune system, and hides itself from antibiotics, and likes to attach to the surfaces. And over the years I evolved from using simple antibiotics like tetracyclines to more complex formulations that were really geared more towards malaria-like, or protozoa-like organisms.

And that seemed to work a little bit better. We were able to grow it in a culture, give it fat, and it grows a lot better with fat than without. And then we followed patients who went on a low fat diet, and we were able to calculate that the levels of this organism were decreased, sometimes disappearing, on a whole food, plant based, low fat diet. Does that make sense? Braman: So over what period of time -- what was it, eleven years -- that this has occurred?

About 20 years ago I got interested in fatigue syndrome. Now let me explain something, as I saw these patients and talked to them and got their histories, you know, trying to really dig in helminth se vindecă cu portocale the real core of this whole problem, a lot of these patients with autoimmune disease start with fatigue syndrome.

So I feel that, you know, there is this spectrum of disease, starting with fatigue, that leads to fatigue, joint pain, muscle pain, brain fog, myalgic encephalitis. Braman: So with what kind of ultrasound, what kind of vegetations are you finding? His wife came down with multiple sclerosis and he wanted sarcoma cancer aids find out what it was and hypothesized it was a vascular problem, and then after a lot of work developed an ultrasound technique helminth se vindecă cu portocale was able to visualize, using ultrasound, a defect in flow in either the deep cerebral veins or the petrosal veins of the brain or the internal jugular veins coming down from the brain.

The next step to that was that he was able to show that in patients who had internal jugular vein obstruction or decreased flow he could go in with a balloon catheter and open this up.

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Some of these MS patients could get improvements and some dramatic improvements in their condition. So now this has been repeated by Dr. Actually, that was a 6-month study. So these patients with MS have obstruction in the flow of the brain, and Dr.

We feel the same way, that the brain is probably a sensitive organ or tissue. So if you change the flow environment in any way, whether it is less oxygenation, less nutrients, you are going to see some subtle changes and thus demyelination. It would be a subtle change, and I want you to know that they have documented remyelination in some of these patients where they have done this balloon procedure.

Mult mai mult decât documente.

So here is a model of MS. And I think John McDougall was associated with the study, also helminth se vindecă cu portocale of University of Oregon, a five year study which should be near completion. So if you tie in that concept with our concept it makes a lot of sense. There are 75 papers. But there was so much malaria in the U. So if you put all the dots together it is a very fascinating argument if you believe that, in effect, this agent could be the underlying cause.

Braman: Wow! Now when you were talking about vegetations and ultrasound, can you actually see vegetations on the ultrasound image?

Fry: Yes, and when you see these vegetations, some are valves, and actually they categorize the type of vegetations. Actually we have seen in blood samples filamentous material similar to that in patients with chronic fatigue. I think it is the same thing, and what we are seeing in the blood are really material that has just detached from the vasculature in long linear strands.

Fry: Well, you know, thrombolytics are used in therapy on patients with proven vascular obstruction helminth se vindecă cu portocale clot. Now if you want to think of lumbrokinase as a thrombolytic -- you know, a lot of the alternative medicine folks out there are using lumbrokinase, serrapeptidase, and other agents like t virus cure to whittle away at these diseases.

To really mainstream [medicine] this is a radical concept, but the idea of biofilm communities elsewhere is no longer a radical concept. But I think a hematopoetic biofilm community of protozoans is a radical concept. Helminth se vindecă cu portocale -- you know -- we have pictures.

And, you know, the pictures are pretty astounding, pretty amazing. I developed this hypothesis years ago, that this is a biofilm problem, modified for additional techniques, and It was always there.

Fry: Well, actually, not quite. Basically a biofilm And actually the biofilm helminth se vindecă cu portocale a very complex structure with a lot of function attached to it.

DNA is not only an informational molecule, it is also a structural molecule. Secreted are mucopolysaccharides, peptides, that sort of thing. So it is able through the biofilm -- it can helminth se vindecă cu portocale transport nutrients in and export noxious byproducts from metabolism out. The only problem is that it also excludes antibiotics and drugs.

So if you have ever heard of the Jarisch-Herxheimer [clinical worsening due to the infectious agent dying off] reaction, we think what is going on in a Jarisch-Herxheimer in these patients I mean usually when you treat helminth se vindecă cu portocale patients with drugs, say a lupus patient with Plaquenil, they feel terrible initially and it flares up their disease.

And I think that is what the Jarisch-Herxheimer actually is.

And a real limitation to therapy is this Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction or inflammatory response. And, possibly, if we found the greatest drug in the world to kill this microorganism, the use of this drug would be limited because of this profound inflammatory response once you start to get at that organism. Braman: How are you helminth se vindecă cu portocale treating this and what results are you seeing?

Almost all of these patients are low in Vitamin D. So the first thing I start patients on is Vitamin D. Some patients start Vitamin D -- they get ill when they start, then they start feeling better.

So, in terms of nutrition, vitamin D.

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And helminth se vindecă cu portocale I put them on a low-fat diet. And the amazing thing -- the majority of helminth se vindecă cu portocale patients who initiate an ultra low-fat diet have a Herxheimer reaction. It probably needs fat because of this high energy requirement to produce this biofilm in a harsh host environment, and as we restrict fats it weakens the organism, the immune system can see it, and we get a flare.

A lot of my patients have a flare reaction, or Herxheimer reaction, when they change their diet to a low-fat diet. And then I start with tetracyclines -- usually doxycycline or minocycline.

I like those two because it hits a lot of other microorganisms at the same time. Then I proceed to azithromycin because that seems to work in some patients. You can take it for long periods of time without major problems. I thought for a long time these patients may have had babesiosis because it seemed to look like it in the microscope and I was using azithromycin and atovaquone and patients have profound Herxheimer reactions on that combination, but once they get through it they seem to actually do very well.

One drug might work on one person, and not on another person.

So I suspect that there are really significantly different strains of this organism out in the community. Braman: So you are able to culture this and grow this in the lab? Fry: Oh, no, we can grow it. There is no question we are growing it. A lot of these drugs require second order kinetics.

They have to go vierme molie the liver, so it is just a matter of time and helminth se vindecă cu portocale helminth se vindecă cu portocale really get helminth se vindecă cu portocale about doing human papillomavirus cdc sensitivity studies.

But we have some interesting data created now, and confirmed by PCR [polymerase chain reaction — a technology for measuring very specific DNA sequences] so Braman: So are you actually able to eradicate it in people, or is it an indefinite?

Fry: We cannot eradicate it in patients, as far as we know, and we cannot eradicate it completely in the test tube yet with any known agents that could be delivered in therapeutic doses. So I cannot say that we have eradicated it in any patients.