Gastric cancer diffuse type


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    The extent of stomach resection in gastric cancer depends on tumour size, tumour location, gastric cancer diffuse type of invasion, and the histological allocation to intestinal or diffuse type according to Laurén.

    The aim of this study was to determine the prognostic value of the intestinal and diffuse histological types of gastric carcinoma, and of the well and poorly differentiated types.

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    Material and method: In this study, we histopathologically assessed patients with gastric cancer, by well and poorly differentiated type. Well differentiated carcinoma of the stomach included tubular and papillary adenocarcinomas, poorly differentiated medullary carcinoma, and well differentiated mucinous carcinoma WDGC.

    Managementul perioperator al unui pacient cu tumoră Krukenberg - studiu de caz Tumorile gastrice sporadice se dezvolta printr-un proces ce implica mai gastric cancer diffuse intestinal etape, in care gastrita cronica conduce la atrofie, apoi la metaplazie intestinala si in cele din urma la displazie; tumorile sunt de obicei exofitice, adesea ulcerante si localizate in portiunea distala a stomacului. Cancerul gastric ereditar tinde sa aiba un model difuz de crestere, cu celule slab diferentiate ce infiltreaza mucoasa peretelui gastric si determina ingrosarea acestuia linita plasticafara sa formeze o masa distincta si fara sa prezinte leziuni histologice precursoare. Varsta medie de aparitie a cancerului gastric difuz ereditar este de 38 ani, cu un interval intre ani.

    For poorly differentiated carcinoma, we included the scirrhous carcinoma, signet ring cell carcinoma, and poorly differentiated mucinous gastric carcinoma PDGC. Results: In the patients with PDGC, the tumour was located in the middle third of the stomach, with lymph node metastasis, serosal invasion T3-T4and peritoneal carcinomatosis rarely. The patients with WDGC were with the tumour located in the lower third of the stomach, small tumour size gastric cancer diffuse type liver metastasis.

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    Multivariate analysis indicated that from the pathological point of view, tumour satus, histological type WDGC vs. PDGC were independent prognostic factors.

    gastric cancer diffuse type

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